Gopani Launches Clarywound 3X

string wound cartridge filter

Clarywound 3X – Premium-Grade Wound Cartridge Filter That Is Three Times More Powerful

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, August 21, 2019: Gopani Product Systems, a leading manufacturer of String wound cartridge filters, has introduced Clarywound 3X, a premium grade wound cartridge filter with three times more filtration capabilities. The filter variant is designed to solve the most complex filtration requirements for raw water treatment, wastewater treatment, electroplating, power generation, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Clarywound 3X is currently under a patent-pending status for its unique manufacturing technology and high dirt holding capabilities. The variant has a multi-layered micronic gradient engineered using propriety CNC machining process. A premium quality multifilament yarn is woven without a break throughout the length of the filter. This means that there are no short fibers that come loose and migrate with the filtrate, making the filter cartridge free from media migration problems

Talking about this new sophisticated filter variant, Pathik Gopani, CEO, Gopani Product Systems said: “Clarywound 3X is a premium grade filter variant. It is three times more powerful than conventional counterparts. We have not used any resin binders, lubricants, antistatic, and release agents to manufacture the Clarywound 3X. It is the best wound cartridge filter you can find, and I am positive that the Clarywound 3X will create a huge impact. The clients who use this product once will come back with repeat orders.”

The Clarywound 3X filter medium, core, and caps are engineered using high-quality polypropylene, to withstand maximum operating temperature up to 70°C. The filter cartridge is available in 10”, 20”, 30”, 40” and 50” variants. Gopani maintains a large inventory of the Clarywound cartridge filters, and can easily fulfill short delivery period requirements. A part number coding system is used to identify every product, part, and auxiliary item. All products are fully traceable with part number and batch coding systems.

About Gopani: Gopani is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer and distributor of world-class filtration, purification, adsorption, and separation solutions. With Innovation at its core, the company develops next-gen filtration products and systems to solve all process-related challenges that the customers face. Gopani’s extensive product range includes but is not limited to an assortment of finest cartridge filters, cartridge housings, filter media, and filtration systems for industrial applications. Gopani has established a global client base and nurtured every client by consistently delivering an uncompromised quality of products, attention to customer requirements, and excellent after-sales support.